Simulated Flame Incandescent Lamp Controller
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Single Lamp Flicker Video Triple Lamp Flicker Video
Click on photos above to view videos, the videos are approx 4 megs in size and one minute in duration.
The Simflame modules in both videos are set to: high depth / slow change / dim setting.

SimFlame uses a software driven microcontroller and the latest electronics to produce a simulated flame lighting effect. It creates the natural glow of candle flame from standard incandescent bulbs. Simflames effect is warm and subtle, lamp control is done gradually not stepped like most other flicker modules. Besure to check out the on-line videos, while the effect is better first hand (due to video frame rates), they will still give you a good idea on what to expect. The videos are a full minute in duration to help demostrate the true effect, don't buy any flicker module that only shows a animated GIF, Flash or short video because you may be disappointed after your purchase.

The modules are encased in electrically insulated fireproof epoxy making it completely safe to handle, switch settings can be changed while the unit is operating. The modules can be safely installed into metal enclosures. Small enough to fit inside lamp fixtures and standard electrical boxes. The modules produce little heat and will only be warm while operating. Uses include mood, background, theme lighting and perfect for theatre, hotels, theme parks, restaurants, resorts, casinos, museums and even in your own home.

    • Works only with incandescent lamps.
    • Non repeating flame effect.
    • Each channel drives lamp loads up to 100 watts.
    • Each channel operates independent of the others.
    • User configurable - 8 flame effect settings to adjust.
    • Settings can be changed while operating.
    • Low power consumption - less than 1 watt.
    • Operates on 100 - 130 VAC @ 60 cycle.
    • Easy hook-up.
    • Safe fireproof epoxy encased.
    • Full 1 year warranty.

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3 - Channel Simflame Module

Model - LM031
8 flame effect settings
100 watt maximum bulb size per channel
size = 1.6" x 1.4" x .75" with 6" leads

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Single Channel Simflame Module

Model - LM011
8 flame effect settings
100 watt maximum load
size = 1.6" x .8" with 5" leads