JEMP3 MP3 Audio Player Board
JEMP3 Industrial Kiosk Style MP3 Player

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We manufacture this high quality, easy to set-up and operate MP3 player.
The perfect industrial digital audio player for kiosk style exhibits and information booths.
Use it on interactive kiosks to play user selected sound files, music, audio announcements,
door bells, display, message repeater, background music, etc.
8 - push buttons can hook-up directly to the player, or use our Button Input Boards for even more,
2 - of our 15 Button Input Boards can be used on each MP3 player, for 30 easy direct inputs!
Easy to hook up and operate, very fast button response time <20ms!
Can drive headphones directly or add an external amplifier and speakers.
Playback at near CD quality at up to 320kbps rate.
Get 16 hours of playback using a 1GB SD memory card at near CD quality output.
Can be customized to your application - email with requirements.

Plays up to 31 MP3 files, 1 MP3 file can play as a repeating attract loop when no buttons are being pressed.
30 MP3 files respond to button inputs and play immediately when their associated buttons are pressed.
DIP switches on the board allow for easy configuration changes on how your MP3 files are played.

  • select interruptible or non-interruptible operation.
  • random/sequential play option.
  • add previous, next, random and stop buttons.
  • hold play function.

Contact closure, switch or logic level inputs makes it easy to interface to standard push buttons or to your favorite micro-controller - Atmel, PIC, Basic Stamp, PLCs, etc... Here's a few micro-controller interfacing examples Example A , Example B

Sound quality, small footprint (2.65" x 3.54"), reliability, very efficient design and no ventilation required (draws 18ma idle and 37ma playing @ 12V) make this MP3 player the perfect choice for your next project.

Player Capabilities:
  • Stereo MP3 playback
  • Supports all standard and VBR MP3 bit-rates up to 320kbps
  • FAT16 file system (easy to load audio, just drag and drop from Windows®)
  • Instant playback of any track
  • Supports up to 4GB SD card
  • Supports up to 30 individually selectable tracks
  • Can automatically play a background or attract loop file just by setting the file name
  • Line level / headphone output on standard 1/8" stereo jack
  • 8 Contact closure / logic level inputs
  • Open collector output is closed during playback - can be used to trigger an external event (lamp, relay, etc.)
  • 2.1 x 5.5mm center positive power connection (operates from 8 - 20 VDC)

On Hold JEMP3 MP3 Player Board JEMP3 MP3 Player

Package Includes:
- Audio player board.
- Minimum 2G SD memory card.
- 100-130 Vac 50-60 Hz ac adapter, level V.
- AC adapter power supply CEC compliant.
- 4 PCB standoffs for easy mounting.

Qty 1 - 3 $185.00 each. Qty 4 - 9 $170.00 each.

On Hold JEMP3 MP3 Player Board International JEMP3 MP3 Player

Package Includes:
- Same audio player board as above.
- Minimum 2G SD memory card.
- 100-240 Vac 50-60 Hz ac adapter with international plug.
- AC adapter power supply CEC compliant.
- 4 PCB standoffs for easy mounting.

Qty 1 - 3 $190.00 each.

On Hold Power Splitter Cable 2 Way Power Splitter

For powering 2 of our MP3 players from a single power source.
Single female 5.5 x 2.1mm to two male 5.5 x 2.1mm.
12" length.

$3.00 each.

12 Volt AC Adaptor 12 Volt DC Power Supply

Replacement switching power supply for MP3 players.
12 Volt DC @ 0.5 Amp, level V efficient.
One power supply can power 8 of our MP3 players.
Standard DC plug - Male 5.5 x 2.1mm.
70" wire length.

$9.95 each.

Ordering options:
MP3 Player Button Matrix Board 15 Button Board Solder

Interfaces up to 15 pushbutton switches.
Hooks up directly to our MP3 player.
2 boards can be used per player.
Board has 4 mounting holes.
Optional solder or screw terminal connections.