DMX Controlled Projector Shutter

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PS02 DMX Shutter

What is a DMX controlled projector shutter?

A projector shutter, iris or dowser is used to black out light/images to the screen from distant projectors while the projector is still on but not being used. A DMX controlled shutter operates from a DMX network and may be controlled from a light board or a show controller.

Why would I need a remote controlled projector shutter?

Video projectors by design emit light on the screen even with no video present, this is often undesirable during performances or presentations, and it's impractical to turn off and then turn on video projectors when you have to deal with cool down and warm up times, and in most cases turning it off then back on actually shortens the projector bulb life as opposed to just leaving it on, and trying to send a black level video to darken its output is not a good idea - a intense amount of heat is generated by the focused light of the projector bulb, some manufacturers allow their projectors to pass light when no video is present to reduce heating of the internal LCD plates, if you send black level video to the projector you are increasing the heating of the plates and reducing the life of the projector.

Our Remote Projector Shutters solves these problems and does it simply and reliably, its shutter arm mechanically blocks all images coming from the projector by positioning itself directly in front of the projectors lens, it is made of lightweight aluminum to handle the heat from the projector and is fully operable from zero to 180 degrees in any direction. We use a high quality ball bearing actuator to insure reliability and repeatability. The actuator is microprocessor controlled which enables precise positioning, it contains 2 adjustment controls - one for adjusting open position and the other for adjusting closed position.

What do you get in the kit?

  • (1) Actuator/shutter arm/mounting plate.
    • The shutter arm can be positioned at any angle on the actuator.
    • The mounting plate can be formed to fit and can by positioned by resting itself under the projector or it can be screwed, taped, Velcro'd, etc. at any angle needed to fit your application.
  • (2) Control box contains:
    • Can be mounted up to 24" from actuator.
    • Open and closed adjustment controls.
    • (2) ANSI approved RJ-45 connectors for DMX networks (in and out).
    • DIP switches for selecting all 511 DMX addresses.
    • DIP switch for enabling termination resistor.
    • Test switch for easy open and closed position adjustments.
    • Power jack.
    • Comes with Velcro fastener.
  • (3) Power supply.
    • Operates on 100~240 VAC 50-60 Hz.
    • 5 VDC regulated output @ 2 amps
    • Energy Star / CEC Level IV.
    • Located near projector.
  • (4) Warranty.
    • 30 Day satisfaction guarantee.
    • 1 Year warranty.

What else do you need?

You will need to connect to the DMX network using cables, adapters, etc.
You might also need: hand-tools, screws, tape, Velcro, wire ties, etc... to secure the actuator and clean up the installation.

Replacement Control Box only.

$124.00 + shipping