F.A.Q.Thinking Man F.A.Q.

Q - Will your system work with LED's?

A - No, all the LED's I've tested feed voltage into the brake light circuit when the driving lights are on, this causes problems and may damage the Motion Signals, LED's are not recommended.

Q - Will the $159.00 controller do everything mentioned on the website?

A - Yes! there's only 1 kit available and it does it all.

Q - What else do I need?

A - Besides a car and a few hours of time - you'll need wire strippers, wire cutters, terminal crimpers, 10mm wrench, a #2 Phillips screwdriver and 2 - #2057 lamps, everything else is included.

Q - Can the brake lights be made to "burst out" like the other systems?

A - No, early in the design stages I decided not to have the brake lights "explode out" like the other guys, there were many reasons for this decision but the main one was for safety, I feel when you hit your brakes you want your brake lights on ASAP and as many of them as possible with no confusion to the drivers behind you.

Q - Can I mount the control box under my rear deck or dash?

A - No? you would need to add extension wires to the 2 white plastic connectors, 8 wires total and it would be difficult to change settings, if you want to do this contact me and I'll try to talk you out of doing it.

Q - Can I use my trailer lights with your system?

A - All systems have a limit on the number of bulbs/type they can drive, not knowing how many or the types of lamps on your trailer makes it more difficult, also your trailer turn signal would appear to operate at 1/3 the rate of the car signal, therefore I would recommend disabling the motion signals and returning to stock operation, it's a very easy operation and can be done in one minute.

Q - I don't have an Caprice or Impala, can I install the Motion Signals in my car?

A - No, the Motion Signals must be customized to each car - because every cars turn signals/hazards are electrically different, it would be impractical to offer a single kit for every car, there are just too many variables to consider.

Q - Your Motion Signals look like the other guys systems, why do they cost more?

A - Well maybe you haven't noticed all the features yet (go back, read them and watch the videos again), no other system even comes close, and the Motion Signals only cost 50% more than the other high quality systems and look at all the additional features you get.

Q - Can I turn on the show-off mode without having the ignition on?

A - Yes, just reverse the jumpers where the factory flasher units were - refer to installation steps 33 and 34 for the Impala and plug the 2 red wires from the signal pcb into the hazards location instead of the turnsignal location, no jumper is needed in the turnsignal location while you are not moving. The hazards location is powered all the time and therefore the Motion Signals controller is powered all the time and your ignition doesn't need to be be on, besure to return jumpers back to their original locations.

Q - I already have a sequential turnsignal system installed, do I need to buy your complete kit?

A - Yes, the only thing you won't need from the Motion Signals kit is the lamp sockets.

Q - How many different patterns are possible?

A - Ok this wasn't a FAQ but the numbers are amazing.

Impala turnsignals = 50,397,184 possible combinations.
Impala hazards = 100,663,808 possible combinations.

These number are from the newest software release after 6/20/04, and yes your controller can get them all! and yes the naked eye cannot see the difference in every step, but it's in there.

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