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For the '94-'96 Impala SS and '91-'96 Caprice!

The ultimate in sequential turnsignal systems, you've seen the others, now witness the best!
It does what the others can't do! Fully adjustable to your personal preferences! And it doesn't
just control your turnsignals... it also controls your hazard/emergency flashers.

Compare these features with the other guys:

Adjustable Rear Turn Speed You control the time between each subsequent bulb illumination - if this is greek to you, download the speed video below.
Adjustable Rear Turn Duration You control how long each bulb stays on, view the duration video below.
Selectable Rear Turn Style Select sequential, explode out, rotating or factory, this feature alone leaves all other blinker-blinker systems in the dust!
Adjustable Front Turn Speed Yes you can! adjust the speed of the front signals - independent of the rear.
Selectable Front Turn Style 2 selectable patterns.
Instant-On Brake Lights No "Explode Out" effect, I gotta say don't mess with the factory brake lights - you want them on ASAP.
Selectable Brake Lights Factory look (2) bulbs per side or (3) bulbs per side.
Hazards Operate Like Factory Once you see the show-off hazards mode you're probably not gonna want your hazards to look like factory!.. but you have the option to decide for yourself.
Special Show-Off Mode! These are the non-stock hazards mode, 3 patterns with fully adjustable speed and duration, great for car shows, auto-cross, drag racing and road rallies, this feature "ups the ante" greatly on turn signal controllers, besure to check out the videos on these!
Adjustable Front Hazards 4 patterns for the front hazards - all with adjustable speed.
Adjust Setting While You Watch This is why the controller is near the tail lights, it's the only way to tell what affect your adjustments are having.
Your Personal Settings Stored in the Micro Makes more features possible, this quickly changed from a feature to a necessity due to the growing list of options.
Software Upgradeable To add the latest features, and more coming - check the revision history link above.
If the Micro or Support Circuitry Ever Fail Your brakes continue to work normally.
Change Back to Stock Quickly In under 2 minutes with NO tools!
Full Installation Instructions On-Line Before you buy, check it out - sorry no printed installation manuals are shipped with the Motion Signals.
Full 1 Year guarantee On materials and workmanship - quality parts used throughout.

What's included in the kit:

Control Module Signal Module Signal Connectors Tail Light Harness Lamp Sockets

Click on photos to enlarge to 320 x 240

  • Control module
  • Signal module
  • 2 - signal connectors
  • Tail light harness
  • 2 - lamp sockets
  • 2 - test/trailer plugs - now included in all kits sold after 10-01-03.
  • Wire nuts, crimp connectors, tie wraps, tubing
  • Users Manual in PDF format - before 7/01/03.
  • Users Manual Rev 3 in PDF format - for units sold after 7/01/03 or with upgrade.
  • Users Manual Rev 5 in PDF format - for units sold after 6/20/04 or with upgrade.

Download the videos, the top 3 videos demostrate the special show-off / hazards mode. The front signal video shows the 3 selectable front patterns, the first pattern is stock, second is double rate and the third is double flash, the speed setting was not changed during the video, the hazard mode is shown, but the patterns are the same for the turn signals. The speed video demostrates the adjustment range of the speed control from slowest to fastest. The duration video demostrates the adjustment range of the duration control from barely on to barely off, understand the speed and duration are generally mixed to produce various effects. The signal video shows 6 different turn signal settings. The rotating video shows the new rotating pattern adjustment range, the speed is constant and the duration is being slowly adjusted to help give you an idea on what's happening. The brakes/hazards video demostrates turn signals with brakes applied, 2 and 3 light brakes and stock hazards.

Special show-off / hazards videos: Dual Chaser 610K , Wig-Wag 651K , Ping Pong 637K

Front Signal Video 1.1M

Speed Video 2.6M

Duration Video 797K

Signal Video 1.7M , Rotating Video 2.9M

One point about the installation - yes it's harder to install this system than the other guys, it controls both front, both dash and both rear turnsignals (12 bulbs total) but I believe and every customer has that the results are worth it and I think you'll agree. I designed it to be easy as possible to install and convert back to normal. The complete instructions are on-line so you can determine if this system is right for you. Once you purchase a system you will recieve full support in case you have any problems with the install or operation.

Sold out, no more kits available

Impala '94-'96 Impala/'91-'96 Caprice Motion Signals Kit

Includes everything you need.
Except hand tools and 2 tail/stop lamps.
Silent operation.