Products Offered:

Simflame LM031 Module
SimFlame - Simulated Flame Incandescent Lamp Controller.
Controls your lamps to simulate a candle flame from standard
incandescent lamps, many models to choose from
single channel, 3-channel, 5-channel, plug-in, etc.

Projector Dowser
DMX or Switch Controlled Projector Dowser
Blacks out images from idling video projectors,
reliable, easy installation and operation,
priced hundreds of dollars under other dowsers.

JEMP3 MP3 Player

Kiosk Type MP3 Player - Industrial MP3 Audio Player
Easy to use industrial digital audio player, dry contact inputs,
near instant playback, wide operating voltage,
drives headphones directly, click for more information.

Jerry's DIY Solder Kit

DIY Electronic Kits Do it yourself electronic project kits,
Class-D Audio Amplifier, DMX Relay and more to come.

Sequential Turn Signal

Motion Signals AKA "Jerry's Kit"
Automotive Lighting Controller
For the '94-'96 Impala SS and '91-'96 Caprice,
the hands down best sequential turn signal system, period.

Chevy Lighted LED Bowtie

Lighted Chevy Bowtie similar to the "SSLED"
LED bowtie, fully sealed and waterproof
available in standard colors as well as one offs
check out the remote control option.

Jerry's Electronics Repulsion Coil

Repulsion Coil
Propel an aluminum ring several feet in the air,
2 modes of operation and fully adjustable,
great for science demonstrations or just plain fun.

Jerry's Electronics Small Parts For Sale

New Misc Parts For Sale parts added often
IC's, lamp sockets, wire, switches, connectors, etc.

Old VCR, Camcorder, TV, etc. Parts for Sale

New old stock IC's mainly receiver and car stereo ic's.

Scratch and Dent Corner, check here for bargains, could be anything from Jerry's Electronics


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