Impala/Caprice Installation Page 1


Step 1

First remove the tail light assemblies from the vehicle. Remove the two plastic wingnuts from inside the trunk, remove the 10mm bolt located to the left or right of the license plate and the tail light assembly should pull out. This is shown in your owners manual page 6-31.


Note: put a towel on the bumper and rest the tail light on the towel to help protect your paint.



Step 2

Notice the small center lamp socket, this is what we are going to modify. (shown before any mods) Remove the turn signal assembles from the vehicle by removing the lamp sockets and wire keepers, we want to work on the assemblies on the bench, floor, kitchen table or as I did on my lap.





Step 3

There it's out and ready for modifications.







Step 4

Here's a close up of the center lamp socket hole. (before mods)





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