Impala/Caprice Installation Page 3


cutting center lamp wires

Step 9

Cut both wires close to the socket.







crimping connector center lamp

Step 10

Strip the black wire removing 1/4" of insulation and crimp the 1/4" female quick disconnect connector in place.







ground attached to new socket

Step 11

Attach black wire (ground) to terminal on lamp socket.







attach brown wire to socket

Step 12

Attach brown wire to white wire - this can be done several ways, my first choice would be to solder these two wires together and add shrink tubing or liquid tape, if your not comfortable with soldering they can be crimped. Both crimp connectors and shrink tubing are supplied. This step wires in the driving lights. Repeat these steps for both the left and right sides.

Note: At this point the car can be driven after installing a #2057 lamp, with no change in operation.

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