Impala/Caprice Installation Page 4


Step 13

Behind the left tail light you will find the factory wiring harness entering the body thru a large rubber grommet. Notice the electrical tape wrapped around the wiring harness and the grommet (used to seal out the weather), remove just enough tape to allow the new wires to pass through the grommet. (picture shown with tape removed)






Step 14

Locate the tail light wiring harness supplied in the kit. (shown at right is the older style harness, the new harness is similar)








Step 15

Move inside the trunk - this is the same grommet but viewed from inside the trunk, gently pull on the the factory harness to expose this existing hole, and pass the new tail light wiring harness through this hole (longest wires first). Keep pulling the new harness through until the rubber connectors extend 10" into the trunk.






Step 16

Shown is the older style tail light wiring harness, the new style harness is similar, it should extend 10" into the trunk.




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