Impala/Caprice Installation Page 2


Step 5

You must enlarge this hole to 1.125" to accept the new lamp socket by using a round file or a large drill bit. Somethings you don't want to do:

1) DO NOT - scrap the inside of the dome, it's coated with a reflective paint.

2) DO NOT - go too deep into the opening, you do not want to damage your lens.

3) DO NOT - make the hole too large, check the fit often with the lamp socket provided


Step 6

Here's the finished hole. Don't worry about the plastic shavings getting inside your lens, they can be easily be blown out with compressed air or washed out with water, but - besure to let it dry out before reinstalling lamps.






lamp socket in place

Step 7

This is what it looks like with the lamp socket installed.







original socket before removing

Step 8

Let's start wiring - Reinstall the lamps on the lens assembly and rest it on the bumper. (use a towel to avoid scratching the paint) Shown is the original lamp socket.




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