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Step 33

Look under the drivers side dash and locate this relay/flasher panel. Remove the turn signal flasher, you see 2 flashers here (aluminum cans), the left one is for hazards, the right one is for the turn signals (this one has yellow strips), keep the flasher this is needed if you want to return to stock operation. Notice the arrow pointing to a wiring harness bundle this is where the signal PCB is going to mount.

Note: replace the hazard flasher with the jumper supplied if you want the special show off/hazard mode enabled.




mounted signal PCB

Step 34

Mount the signal PCB to this wiring harness bundle using the supplied tie wraps, the tie wraps need to be at each end of the signal PCB (actually around the wires, to help prevent damage to internal components), the long gray wire and red power wire should be closest to the fire wall as shown. Plug the 2 male red power plugs from the signal PCB into the 2 female sockets (where the turn signal flasher was) as shown (doesn't matter which plug goes where).





signal connectors connected

Step 35

Connect the 2-pin signal connectors from the signal PCB to the 2-pin connectors previously installed in step 32, they are polarity protected so you can't get them crossed.


Hint: before connecting the 2-pin connectors run the wires up and over some of the factory wires to avoid having the new wires hanging down under the dash.




signal wire path

Step 36

Now it's time to run the signal wire back to the trunk. The photo shows the gray signal wire running straight down and under the carpet.




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