Impala/Caprice Installation Page 6


Step 21

Here's a view of the new and factory wiring harnesses leaving that channel. Continue the new harness on and out to the right hand turn signal assembly.







Step 22

Continue each harness (left/right) to its tail light assembly continuing to wrap it as you go, shown at right. The red wire feeds the new center lamp, the black wire feeds the inner most lamp and the outermost lamp will be powered from the existing factory harness.






Step 23

Attach the red wire (from the new harness) to the red wire on the center lamp, Notice I soldered and installed shrink tubing on the red wire.

A note about the lamp sockets, if the regular driving light comes on instead of the brake lights when you activate your turn signals - don't worry you've wired it correctly, the socket can be adjusted by removing the bulb, pushing the black insulator into the socket, rotate the socket or insulator 180 degres and pull the insulator back out, reinstall the lamp.



Step 24

This step is the only step that's different depending on which side you are wiring (left or right). Cut the yellow wire on left turn signal or the green wire on right turn signal, on the innermost lamp about 3 inches from the lamp socket, and attach the black wire (from the new wiring harness) to the yellow (left) or green (right) wire leading to the lamp socket as shown (left is shown). Tape off the unused ends of the factory yellow and green wires.


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